Gujarat Election 2017 Give Your Vote And Win 1.75 lacs



Gujarat Election 2017 Give Your Vote And Win 1.75 lacs

Ahmedabad: When the Gujarat assembly elections are approaching, all the parties are declaring their respective candidates. The BJP has declared the first list of 70 candidates and the second list of 36 candidates. Thereafter, the BJP has announced a third list. The list of candidates for 28 seats has been announced. Thus, a total of 134 candidates have been declared.+

From Rev. Morbi to Reviti Amrita, from Karanj seat, Praveen Ghoghari, Surat (north) to Kanti Bullar, Chorisi to Jhanchanben Patel, Surat (Kartagaam) to Vinu Moradiya

How many seats will be available in the Gujarat assembly elections?

Winners of the most accurate estimates will get 1.75 lakh prizes *

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Gujarat Election 2017 Give Your Vote And Win 1.75 lacs


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